Solutions for Human Resources and Human Capital Management, powered by the world’s most advanced Artificial Emotional Intelligence Engine.

Broad Listening provides unbiased data on nearly 100 employee and candidate metrics, which can be used for decisions about pre-screening, role assignment, employee retention, and staff reduction.

Our Goal.

Human bias manifests in every person. No matter how objective we want to be, we are influenced by personality, race, gender, even the name of the person we are interacting with. Computers don’t have bias. Our cognitive engine uses the most advanced Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence available to analyze employees, job candidates, and contractors on more than 50 important metrics for business.

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You already have the information. Unlock it!

Team interactions, email, support logs, and other communications tools contain all of the information needed to make informed decisions about employee performance, role fit, and potential. Unfortunately, without automation from Broad Listening, all you have is a mountain of messages. With Broad Listening, you have detailed assessments of every employee, contractor, and customer you do business with.

Retain the talent you have.

Good people are hard to find, so keep the ones you have. During an M&A, or reorganization a lot of good people get lost to duplication of roles, and other conflicts. Having a complete up to date audit and assessment of the available staff is imperative to a successful large-scale employee shift.  Broad Listening provides the equivalent of an army of HR managers on-demand so reports can always be current.

Flexible so you don’t have to be.

Typically when you need a lot of data very quickly, you don’t have time to do an integration with your existing software. Broad Listening accepts input from a number of standard formats, which means you don’t have to do an integration, you probably already have the data ready to be processed.

Comprehensive by design.

Software can leverage every scrap of data available to it. With the amount of data organizations generate each day, it is just isn’t possible for a human to go through all of the things that matter in making decisions or assessments. Software scales in ways humans just can’t.

Full lifecycle means a variety of tools.

Before you hire we help you optimize the job posting. When the resumes come in we help evaluate the candidates. When the employee is hired we monitor their progress. When cuts need to be made we aid in determining who is critical, and who is not.

Speed when you need it.

Our system can process over 100,000 employees a day. No group of people could achieve the speed and depth of our analysis when you need it most. When you need to respond to a change in business, an acquisition, or a merger, we are ready.

It is all about the details.

Broad Listening provides insights on over 50 key employee metrics, and over two-dozen personality traits. From Watson, to Hogan, no other system even comes close to the depth of understanding Broad Listening provides.

The Breakdown.

Vet potential talent.

Social Capital

Integrate the Broad Listening Personality Insights API

Broad Listening leverages the thousands of micro-decisions a person makes when choosing their words to determine their personality profile. Our Personality Insights API allows you integrate these personality profiles into your business applications to facilitate a better understanding people in a variety of applications.gear

For example, combining personality insights with your existing CRM data will help you better understand your customers. Combining personality insight reporting with your HR data allows you to easily create personality profiles for your employees and job candidates to better understand your resource pool. If you make financial risk assessments, personality profiles provide another important data point.

The API provides a JSON response by simply providing a Twitter handle for each user you want to analyze.

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