About Sarah

Sarah is an accomplished Growth Marketer who specializes in use case and need analysis. Because of Sarah’s history in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, she has unprecedented access to press, VCs, and thought leaders in both spaces.

A pioneer in digital marketing, Sarah was the first online video personality to have sponsored content and sell ad space in a live video stream. Sarah was one of the first content marketers, gaming trends in news and search to garner traffic for her videos; she may also have created one of the first “splogs” on the Internet generating 25M video views.

Working with TBWA, when they were first entering the digital space, Sarah developed the “NY-Z” short Facebook film concept for Absolut Vodka which was then directed by Jay-Z. The campaign debuted to a sold out Madison Square Garden audience of over 18,000 live attendees. The campaign was one of the first to leverage real time social media, live video, and an event venue simultaneously.


Sarah served as social media and digital marketing advisor to enterprise companies like Intel developing digital initiatives for events such as the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and the Intel Developers Forum. These enterprise clients have benefited from curriculum and brand guidelines for social interactions to create a unified message and vocabulary across initiatives.
These early innovations in digital, and her visibility in multiple industries is why Advertising Week has chosen her to host a stage at their annual New York event the past 2 years.

As a spokesperson, Sarah combines crowd appeal with the ability to deliver messaging. She has the rare talent to adapt her look for whichever audience she is attempting to reach. This has enabled her to be not only a consultant on marketing, but appear in creatives for PayPal, SalesForce, Ford, Virgin America, General Motors, ClearChannel and Microsoft.dreamforce

As a current contributor to Entrepreneur, a former journalist for Forbes, and video-journalist for TechCrunch, Sarah has built relationships with numerous reporters, and has credibility as a journalist which aids in “selling” them on a story. By having the ability to hand journalists a “ready to run” piece, she gets better press that is better in line with the message her clients are trying to convey.ev williams twitter founder

As a personality appearing on Randi Zuckerberg’s “Startups:Silicon Valley” on NBC Bravo, Sarah became the face of Silicon Valley. She put the Four Seasons Silicon Valley Hotel on the map for Hollywood’s high society by getting the hotel placed in the show as her “residence.” The placement initiatives increased occupancy to near 100% in the year following the show.startups silicon valley bravo reality tv

As a growth stage venture consultant and angel investor, Sarah has helped companies to raise as much as $15M for their A rounds. Sarah views VC pitching as very targeted marketing, with an audience of one, and little opportunity for re-targeting. Sarah’s credibility in the VC space comes from working with numerous startups as a product manager and market fit expert. She applied these skills to compete in Hackathons becoming the winningest hacker in Silicon Valley and earning SAP’s Hacker Of The Year and Sundance Film Festival’s Global Impact Award for her product idea based prototypes. She has since applied her skills as a judge in hackathons such as PayPal Battle Hack, Citi Mobile Challenge and Microsoft hackathons.disrupt winner

As a community leader, Sarah serves on the board of San Francisco’s Central YMCA where she is a donor and creator of The Y For Youth Workforce Development Curriculum ranging in a series of classes from financial literacy to social media marketing. In 2003, George W. Bush presented Sarah with the U.S. Award For Outstanding Community Service to her country for her volunteer work creating a summer school and curriculum for children in rural Oaxaca, Mexico.kids sarah ymca

With Peera Thongsilp, Sarah created CodingFTW. A successor to Sarah’s successful Pop17 which targeted urban and minority youth for education in business, finance, and technology; CodingFTW works to reduce the divide in participation of women and minorities in technology. CodingFTW has enterprise and consumer sponsors for the Hackathons it attends.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Business Strategy from Dominican University of California, is a John Hopkins Certified Data Scientist, and was one of the first to complete Stanford’s New Media Studies program.

Sarah appeared on the 2012 Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She was featured as “Vanity Fair’s America’s Tweetheart,” and has appeared on many TV shows and magazine covers. Including CNBC The Big Idea, ABC News, Fast Company, Portfolio, Content, Personal Branding Magazine, The X Factor, Better TV, Playboy’s first 10 Sexiest Bloggers list, and The Wall Street Journal. forbes_daniel_elk