About Broad Listening

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In 2008, Sarah Austin coined the term Broad Listening. Psychologists and marketers have used the term “Deep Listening” to describe getting to the core of what an individual is thinking and feeling and the root cause for their actions. Broad Listening is about having a surface level interaction with 100s, 1000s, or Millions of people. With the recent advancements in Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Computing, today technology allows for automation of what was once extremely tedious if not impossible.

As a veteran of the advertising industry with Fortune 50 Brands, Sarah started an agency, Peak Energies, in 2014. Client demand in the performance tracking and strategic planning of campaigns was so high that the agency started to build tech tools to handle overwhelming requests. This is when the product, BroadListening.com, was developed as a company owned by Peak Energies.

BroadListening.com enables Competitive Analysis and Business Intelligence to be automated beyond what was ever possible before. BroadListening.com gives you access to psychographic information in true Neo-Jungian Type Indicator (NJTI) archetypes, and behavioral information in a proprietary scoring system that allows you to quickly understand who your users are, and how they interact with your brand and the world as a whole. Because we use public data sources, you can also see how other brands interact with their audience, and how their customers interact with them.

The Broadlistening.com Beta Launches at the end of September. A request form for early access will be available shortly.