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Before leaving the house to head to work, go on a date, or sometimes even before going to workout, most of us check the mirror to see how we look. While this may sound superficial, it isn’t. You form an initial impression of someone within minutes of meeting them based on their posture, apparel, micro-expressions and mannerisms, as well as the way they talk. That look in the mirror is a reality check to be sure your appearance in the mirror matches the one you want people to see when you step out into the world.

Your online personality informs other people’s perceptions of you before ever meeting them. Analysis of your online personality is already being used to inform companies who run your credit report, your current and potential employers, the people you date, and the brands who sell you products.

When it comes to what you share online through social media, there is no mirror reflecting back what other people might be seeing. Sure, you can read your own posts, but you may be too close to the subject matter to realize how it shapes public perception.

By generating your own Broad Listening Personality Insights report, you can gain deeper understanding of how your online persona is being received by the companies who are already looking at your online behavior.

How It Works

Broad Listening personality insights analyzes a Twitter profile to identify key personality traits and how they fit into the makeup of your online persona. The analysis looks at how you collaborate and interact with others. It measures how you amplify other people’s thoughts and ideas. The report identifies how strongly you focus on specific topics, and validates your overall communication ability. Each of these characteristics send signals about your personality. Employers, Colleges, and even prospective dates use this information to determine if you are a good fit for them. You need to know how the world sees you.

Is Your Online Behavior Hurting Your Job Prospects?

Whether you provide employers with links to your online profiles or not, employers are finding your online behavior. They can analyze whether or not you are respectful to others. It’s easy to identify whether you exhibit the types of characteristics your employer is looking for in a given role. Not just for the job you are interviewing for today, but for your career path in the organization.

Results in Seconds.

Broad Listening uses the latest in Cognitive Computing and Natural Language Processing technology from Recognant. This means that unlike other personality tests that can take hours, you don’t have to answer any questions. We analyze your online behavior and automatically generate reports based on our findings.

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You can get your Personality Insights report for free. All you need to do is agree to let us send a single tweet on your behalf and automatically follow our BroadListening account on Twitter.

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