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Great Talent Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Your employees are the single largest factor in your company’s success. To get the best employees you have to have great people want to work for you. We can help you tune your job postings to get the right people to apply. Getting the right people reduces the number of bad interviews you need to sort through and reduces the length of job vacancies. Saving you time, and money, while increasing productivity.

We use the most advanced AI available to analyze your job posting, make suggestions, and supply additional job duties you may wish to call attention too. The AI draws on the collective experience of more than 50,000 employers nation wide, and data pulled from over a million job postings. The AI literally has the equivalent of 1000s of years of HR experience. 

$ 30
Use the tools yourself. Great for HR Managers and Recruiters who want to do optimizations on a regular basis.
Ala Carte
$ 300
We’ll talk to you about the role you are looking to fill, modify your existing job posting, or create one from scratch.
Team Hire Bundle
$ 3000
Job Postings for up to 15. The team bundle is more than just 15 job postings, we’ll help you optimize for team dynamic, and a balance of job roles to help you achieve a team that will work well together, and doesn’t have any holes in skill sets.
Full Service
$ 7500
It doesn’t stop at the job posting. We’ll interview, screen, scout and recruit talent. We’ll also provide personality profiles and proficiency profiles for each candidate we forward on.

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